Kakuda-yama (Mt. Kakuda)
19 April 2015


First, take these stairs to the road.

Go across the road to the trail head.
Trail head. There are warnings of the private ownership of
the land and the trail, of prohibition of going out of the trail
to take photos, etc. The stones in the right side are for
volunteers to repair the trail.
The first major ascent. The trail is well maintained by volunteers
and, thanks to that, it is easier to walk on this trail than the trail
from the lighthouse.
Starting the second major ascent
At the end of the second major ascent is an old cherry tree.
The main trail from the Lighthouse (from left to the bottom)
and the direct trail from the beach (above).
The main trail is paved with woods.
Arrival at the summit of Kakuda-yama in three minutes after
merger with the main trail.
The summit area of Kakuda-yama. Only one of the cherry
trees was starting to bloom. The other chery trees were
not yet ready to entertain us.
Now leaving the summit of Kakuda-yama
The trail to the Lighthouse is to the right. It is ten to fifteen
minutes from the summit to this point.
The steep descent to the Lighthouse.
View of the point where the Lighthouse stands.
There is a natural tunnel in the rocky coast.
The trail to the Lighthouse is on this ridge.
Some sections of the trail to the Lighthouse are rocky.
The ridge is narrow. Do not rely on the chains and poles
because they are not enough strong to support your weight.
In 2013 one trekker fell down the cliff and died.
Cherry was in full bloom above the Lighthouse.
Camellia above the Lighthouse
Cherry flowers above the Lighthouse
Lighthouse seen from the trail
From the Lighthouse, take this trail going down to the left
to enjoy a tunnel under the Lighthouse.
The coastal trail ahead is closed because it is not safe.
You might be washed away into the sea by a sudden wave.
Turn to the right to take the tunnel when you have arrived
at the coast.
The coastal trail going to the tunnel under the Lighthouse
Entrance to the tunnel. In the left are caves.
The entrance to the tunnel in the right and caves in the left.
The tunnel under the Lighthouse. Soon after the tunnel,
you arrive at the parking.